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With the development of China's aviation industry,

"Guang Tai" has been struggling for 23 years in the field of airport equipment.

Enterprises from scratch, from small to large, from weak to strong.

When the "Guang Tai people" broke the situation of China's airspace equipment dependence, when Guang Tai brand products went out of the country and sold to the five continents, and when the "Guang Tai people" entered the advanced ranks of the world airport equipment manufacturers, the founder of the company had never had a sense of ease. Because of reverence for responsibility, innovation and development are my lifelong pursuit.

The development of the company is benefited from the strong support from all walks of life and the great love of the customers. It has benefited from the hard struggle, indomitable and enterprising spirit of the "Guang Tai people". Today, the total assets are over 2 billion, the annual sales revenue breaks through 1 billion, forming the four business sectors of airport equipment, fire-fighting equipment, special vehicles and power electronics, and has expanded the business of fire alarm, military, import and export, financing lease, real estate and so on, and built the industrialization for the better service at home and abroad. The pattern has improved the operation ability and increased the stamina of enterprise development. In the face of the future market demand and the challenge of scientific and technological progress, the company is implementing the development strategy of "staff professionalization, management standardization, production lean, product internationalization", and sincerely and domestically

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