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Engineering Laboratory

The laboratory has the first class test equipment and technology comprehensive testing team in China. The test items can be carried out: high temperature, low temperature, wet heat, rain, vibration, salt fog and other environmental tests, vehicle comprehensive performance testing, electromagnetic compatibility performance and metal material physical and chemical test. The laboratory obtained the CNAS certificate of approval in March 2016, the certificate number: CNAS L8391, and the test results were recognized at home and abroad. Over the years, we have been adhering to the quality policy of "testing justice, method science, data accuracy, service specification", and taking customer value as the guidance to ensure that the testing and testing are fair, precise, accurate, reliable, timely and fast.

Experimental Ability

Temperature/Damp/Heat Laboratory

The environmental simulation test system can simulate high temperature, low temperature, damp heat and other natural environments. It can carry out environmental simulation tests on various vehicles and equipment, and can meet the test requirements of the following standards: GJB 5727 "Logistics Equipment High Temperature and Low Temperature Damp Heat Test Room Test Method", GJB 150 "Laboratory Test Methods for Military Equipment Laboratory" and GB/T2423 "Environmental Test for Electrical and Electronic Products".

Main Specifications

Test box size (mm): D16000*W5500*H4200 (large box), D2400*W3500*H2200 (small box)

Temperature range: -55 ° C ~ 70 ° C, temperature deviation: ± 2 ° C, temperature fluctuation: ± 0.5 ° C

Humidity range: 30~98% R.H, humidity deviation: ±3%R.H, humidity fluctuation: 2%


Raining Laboratory

The Raining Laboratory can meet the standard requirements of GJB 150.8A “Equipment Test Methods for Military Equipment Laboratory Part 8: Rain Test” and QC/T 476 “Guidelines for Rain Sealing Limits and Test Methods for Passenger Cars”, which can simulate the natural environment. During the rainfall process, different rainfall effects are achieved according to the test requirements. Suitable for large vehicles and special equipment, as well as component sealing test.

Main Specifications

Test box size (mm): D15000*W4200*H3900

Rainfall intensity: 0~12mm/min

Vibration Laboratory

Types of tests that can be performed on an electric vibration system: random vibration, sinusoidal vibration, typical shock, random plus random vibration, sinusoidal plus random vibration. The following standards can be met: GJB 150.16A, GJB 150.18A and GB/T2423.10

Physical and Chemical Laboratory

Tensile test, impact test, hardness test, metallographic analysis, spectral analysis, etc.

Salt Spray Laboratory

Salt spray test, mold test and cold and hot impact test.

Power Supply Laboratory

It can test power supply products such as static power supply, power supply vehicle, generator set and rectifier power supply. At the same time, it can be equipped with high and low temperature test chamber to carry out high and low temperature test of power equipment.

Automobile Comprehensive Performance Testing Line

Vehicle exhaust emission test, illumination detection, comprehensive analysis of automobile engine, vehicle axle (wheel) heavy detection, vehicle side slip detection, vehicle chassis dynamometer, front wheel steering performance detection and vehicle brake detection.


Technical Team

Technical ability

Technical management

Around the "close to the market, close to after-sale, close to production", innovative R & D management mode:

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