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The 1st Airport Equipment and Technology Exchange Summit was held in Weihai Guangtai on April 26, 20

Time: 2017-04-26 A:

April 26, Weihai Guangtai first airport machinery equipment Summit Forum and technical seminar in the company's R & D building on the third floor of the conference hall held solemnly. Chairman Li Guangtai and customers from airports and airlines all over the country participated in the meeting, which was presided over by Shang Yu, General Manager of Airport Equipment Department.

After the morning meeting, the customer visited the National Engineering Laboratory and the production plant in Guangtai Industrial Park and visited many important products of the company. Through the technical staff explanation and some practical operation, the customer has a more intuitive feeling of the product, and also put forward valuable suggestions. After returning from the workshop, the participants entered the workshop to discuss the various types of cars reported in the morning. The discussion was full swing. Everyone spoke enthusiastically and put forward their opinions and opinions on the quality of the products.

This airport locomotive equipment Summit Forum and technical seminar, through a variety of forms, will promote Guangtai products, collect user opinions, from the source to improve quality, quality to create a market, the implementation of the company's "Quality Revolution Year" call!


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