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Time: 2018-07-10 A:


On July 8, the opening of Guangtai Yixin Garden opened in the lobby of the first floor of Guangtai Research and Development Building in Weihai. With the joint efforts of the construction center and relevant departments and units, the much anticipated Guangtai real estate finally began to be sold. Because of its superior geographical location, reasonable layout, beautiful greening environment and quality assurance of "Guangtai Made", Yixin Garden has already formed word-of-mouth fermentation among those who want to buy a house. People who came to the house before the morning of the 8th came in endlessly, and the activity scheduled to start at 8 o'clock entered the process half an hour earlier. However, due to adequate preparation in advance, the work is proceeding in an orderly way.

Two days later, on July 10, the Guangtai Yixin Garden purchase contract signing ceremony was held in the training room on the first floor of the R&D building and the office of the Ministry of Engineering as scheduled. The training room was full of sincere, excited buyers who wanted to buy the house they wanted. A successful residential elder sister showed us a list when signing the contract, elder sister said that their family had discussed the housing selection plan early, according to the list of eight apartments in turn, as long as you can choose any one, did not expect to shake to the second house, directly selected the "first wish". Some people want to accomplish something, but also some people go home, some buyers because the order of house selection is backward, the good house was selected by others, can only regret to leave. The house number has been registered in advance, the number can not be transferred, the number is regarded as abandonment, so the house will be entirely on "luck", although this will cause some buyers regret, but standardize the sale process of real estate, to avoid the occurrence of counter-selling behavior, but also to a large extent to protect the interests of buyers.


The house can not only provide a home for a family, but also improve the quality of life of the family and promote family harmony and unity. Soon, happy smiling faces will "settle" into the new house when the contract is signed, and Guangtai Yixin Garden will also become a happy family intimate, warm harbor.

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