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Weihai Guang Tai unveiled the Ninth China International Police Equipment Exhibition

Time: 2018-05-15 A:



The 4-day Police Equipment Exposition was held in Beijing National Convention Center from May 15 to 18. Weihai Guangtai successfully participated in the exhibition with police armored riot prevention vehicles, police climbing assault vehicles, camping vehicles and products such as Falcon, Sentinel and Sun God unmanned aerial vehicles.

The booth is located near the entrance of the security check and occupies an excellent location. The overall design of the booth is reasonable in color, regular in layout, and showing the appearance of all kinds of people in all directions.

The exhibition area attracted a large number of professionals to visit the exhibition. The staff of the company answered all kinds of questions from a professional point of view. For the actual use of the vehicle, it is a demonstration of on-the-spot operation and display to customers in all directions.

During the exhibition, leaders, technicians and salesmen from all levels of the company participate in the exhibition. Everyone in the hot sun, sprinkle passion and sweat; in the cool thunderstorm, revive the flag and drum, enthusiastic answer. Although the weather is changeable, for outdoor exhibition brought a little inconvenience, but can not annihilate everyone's enthusiasm for continuous efforts.

The 9th China International Police Equipment Exposition has come to a successful conclusion. We thank all the leaders for their support and all the staff for their active cooperation and efforts. The success of the Exposition is not only the end but also a new starting point. Let's work together towards a new goal.

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