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Weihai Guang Tai "aircraft refueling equipment use experience and technical exchange conference" wa

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In April, the sun is shining and the spring breeze is warm in Weihai. In this spring season, Weihai Guangtai held an "Aircraft Refueling Equipment Use Experience and Technology Exchange", inviting representatives from the CNOOC headquarters and other companies to gather in Guangtai to further enhance the exchange of information with CNOOC and understand the user experience. Solve the quality problems of aircraft refueling vehicles, and then improve the quality of Guangtai aircraft refueling vehicles and after-sales service level, in order to provide customers with more quality and efficient service.

First of all, the deputy general manager of the airport equipment department, Shang Yu, on behalf of the company, warmly welcomed all the leaders and guests to the conference. Then the chairman made a speech to express his gratitude to all the experts and customers for their support and help. He hoped that the experts at the meeting would put forward more opinions, more requests and more expectations so as to jointly promote the overall improvement of the quality of the Canton Tai Tanker.

At the beginning of the symposium, Sun Dongbo, the project leader of the refueling truck, first introduced the general situation of the Weihai Guangtai refueling truck, and introduced the current types and main performance of the refueling truck in detail. Subsequently, the representative of China Aviation Oil Branch introduced the current use of refueling vehicles, and also communicated with the existing problems, which is the real voice of customers, but also for our product quality improvement important information input. From the customer's speech, it is not difficult to see that the customer is very satisfied with Weihai Guangtai tanker, but also willing to continue to cooperate, solve problems, and jointly contribute to the quality of the tanker!

Finally, the experts and customers visited the production plant and Yangting Laboratory, and got a thorough understanding of Guangtai's production capacity, especially the tank production capacity of the refueling vehicle and the product testing and testing capability.

Starting from 2017, we have held a series of large-scale seminars, such as airport locomotive equipment summit forum, airport freight equipment forum, airport deicing equipment seminar, covering almost all the operating areas of airport ground equipment, the follow-up company will also organize an exhibition of electric products. We hope that through the convening of seminars and exhibitions, through the collection of valuable customer comments and suggestions, so that the quality of Guangtai products to a higher level, and strive to achieve "Guangtai bigger and stronger, employees grow happily, Guangtai equipment world renowned"!

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