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Model GBD08D passenger ferry (electric)

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GBD08D passenger ferry electric (lithium iron phosphate batteries) is an excellent performance of pure electric ferry, the vehicle carries 130 people, including 113 passenger stations, 14 passenger seats, three passenger seats.

Security features

● A well-known brand power battery is selected, and the safety of the battery is certified by the designated inspection institution designated by the state.

● The battery is equipped with a perfect battery management system (BMS).

● It has complete safety warning and protection functions such as insulation monitoring, undervoltage, short circuit and over temperature.

● The power supply system adopts double circuit design and high and low voltage loop isolation.

● Adopt low smoke halogen free flame retardant cable for electric vehicle.

● All the parts that may cause electric shock are protective measures and have high voltage warning signs.

● During charging, the vehicle can not drive, and the charging circuit is isolated from the chassis.

● When the driver leaves, it can automatically cut off the main circuit to ensure the safety of vehicles and personnel.

● Equipped with centralized fire extinguishing system, all-weather monitoring of the safety status of vehicle power batteries, timely warning of problems and the realization of active fire extinguishing;

● An emergency valve is provided inside and outside the door to open the passenger door quickly and manually.

● Selection of high-quality fireproof interior materials.

Product features

● The whole vehicle can be divided into 249.8 and 314 degrees of electricity, and the driving distance is long, and the double gun charging is realized to shorten the charging time.

● The passenger area is large and the standing area is 22.6. It can carry a maximum of 127 passengers.

● In the cold area of the north, besides the cold and warm air conditioning, the whole car can also be equipped with a separate warm air system to realize the rapid heating function in the carriage.

● The air way dewatering is patented by our company, and the control valve used in the system is WABCO, and the energy storage unit (gas tank) is made of aluminum alloy.

● With the Internet of vehicles, the state and information of vehicles can be monitored remotely.

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