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GJS70D bulk cargo loader (electric type)

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GJS70D bulk cargo loader electric (lithium iron phosphate batteries) is mainly used to ensure the type of aircraft baggage, cargo and mail into and out of the aircraft cabin, or for different heights between the transport of cargo equipment.

Security features

● A well-known brand power battery is selected, and the safety of the battery is certified by the designated inspection institution designated by the state.

● The battery management system has a comprehensive and meticulous function of battery management and condition monitoring.

● It has complete safety warning and protection functions such as insulation monitoring, undervoltage, short circuit and over temperature.

● The power supply system adopts double circuit design and high and low voltage loop isolation.

● The power supply circuit of the power system adopts a low smoke halogen free flame retardant cable for electric vehicles.

● All the parts that may cause electric shock are protective measures and have high voltage warning signs.

● During charging, the vehicle can not drive, and the charging circuit is isolated from the chassis.

● When the driver leaves, it can automatically cut off the main circuit to ensure the safety of vehicles and personnel.

● The hydraulic cylinder is equipped with a hydraulic lock to avoid the falling of the conveyor belt when the liquid cylinder leaks oil.

● Equipped with an auxiliary collision warning system (ADP) to achieve low speed safety docking aircraft.

Product features

● The working temperature is wide and the operation time is long.

● With battery heating function to maintain battery activity, meet the cold area conditions of use;

● The vehicle is equipped with battery management system (BMS).

● With the Internet of vehicles, the state and information of vehicles can be monitored remotely.

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