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Talent Strategy
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Weihai Guang Tai always adheres to "talent is the capital of enterprise development".

To practice the concept of "great talent", select people with high sense of responsibility and creative thinking, to build an elite team with global vision to support the implementation of the company's strategy.

From the strategic planning of the group, we should improve the mechanism of selecting, using, cultivating and retaining talents, and combine external introduction with internal training. Select the high-end talents that meet the company's enterprise culture, attract and retain the platform, culture and treatment of the company. In order to achieve the sustainable development of the human being, we should speed up the construction of professional ability and promote the implementation of multi-level and diversified vocational education and training. It not only satisfies the balance of supply and demand in the number of people, but also is more talented person. Growth and development platform, and common development with the vast number of employees.


Fringe benefits

1, salary: competitive salary level, post salary and year-end bonus, performance oriented annual salary adjustment in the region.

2, welfare items: the state prescribed "five risks one gold", paid annual leave, statutory holidays and holiday welfare, new year's day, may day, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid Autumn Festival, national day, Spring Festival and other traditional festivals to distribute goods or shopping cards; provide Weihai city bus, free accommodation; employee wedding gold, heating subsidies, birthday blessings and so on.

3, staff activities: Factory celebration, annual meeting, Party Corps activities and various interest activities. The company has library, gymnasium and chess and card room.

Enrolment method

At 13:00 every Wednesday afternoon to accept the site registration, by K5 directly to Weihai Guang Tai site, or take 2, K3, 28, 29, 30, 38, 48, 52, 95, 113, 114 to the village Liu

Gou site to get off, along the village of Liu Gou Longmen (arch) to the north.

Registration address: No. 16 the Yellow River street, Weihai, Shandong

Registration phone: 0631-3953604 3953287

Delivery mailbox: hr@guangtai.com.cn

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