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Weihai Guangtai Vocational Training School was established in 2013, wholly owned by Weihai Guangtai Airport Equipment Co., Ltd. The school is located at No.93 Huihe Road, Yangting Town, Huancui District, Weihai City. It is a vocational training institution approved by Weihai Human Resources and Social Security Bureau. It has civil aviation special vehicle operators, civil aviation special vehicle mechanics maintenance workers, civil aviation special vehicle electrical maintenance workers, fitters, electricians, welders, turners, milling workers, painters. The qualification of junior, middle and senior vocational skills training such as computer operators. The school is committed to become a professional skills upgrading training service agency in the civil aviation industry, adhere to the training concept of "coach combination, teaching in training" to provide quality training services for students


In October 2015, Weihai Guangtai and China Civil Airport Association jointly set up the Weihai Training Base of China Civil Airport Association in Weihai Guangtai Vocational Training School, integrating advantages of resources, mutual benefit and win-win situation, jointly creating a professional training platform for airport ground equipment practitioners, further broadening the channels of teachers and training strength. To improve the quality and effectiveness of the training is of great significance to promote the systematization and standardization of the airport employees'qualification and ability training in China


As a leading enterprise in the airport ground equipment manufacturing industry, Weihai Guangtai has more than 20 years of training experience in the operation of civil aviation special vehicles and maintenance of civil aviation special vehicles, and has held nearly 100 training sessions and more than 5,000 training sessions. Guangtai School is the designated customer training base of Weihai Guangtai. Its teachers mainly come from Weihai Guangtai. All of them are middle and senior engineers and technicians who are directly engaged in the R&D and design, technical support, commissioning and inspection, after-sales maintenance of airport ground equipment products. They are familiar with the principle of equipment performance and maintenance, and have experience. Rich. The main teachers have been entrusted by the Vocational Skills Assessment Center of the State Civil Aviation Administration to undertake the task of compiling the national vocational skills assessment standards and textbooks for civil aviation special vehicle operators, as well as for civil aviation special vehicle mechanics maintenance workers, civil aviation special vehicle electrical maintenance workers and airport machinery maintenance workers. Thick is a well-known training institution for the operation and maintenance of airport facilities in China


The school covers an area of about 30,000 square meters, the teaching building is five stories high, with a total floor area of 15,000 square meters, equipped with perfect classroom, conference room and other theoretical learning places. The construction area of more than 5000 square meters of civil aviation special equipment operator outdoor training venue, at the same time, relying on Weihai Guangtai first and second production plants and Yangting production plant modernization of the airport ground equipment production line, can provide the most perfect on-site training conditions for students.

The school is equipped with a full range of airport ground training equipment to meet the training needs of all ground equipment. A multi-functional aircraft docking simulator cabin is designed and manufactured specially for training and assessing the operators of Airport special vehicles. The simulator cabin can complete the docking and connecting of platform vehicles, conveyor belts, passenger ladders, food vehicles and disabled passenger boarding vehicles, power vehicles, air-source vehicles, air-conditioning vehicles, water trucks, sewage trucks and other special vehicles. Port operation simulation training, covering the application of Airbus A380 and below all models; tractor operation simulator - the equipment in accordance with the Boeing 737 aircraft 1:1 ratio, can simulate the driving practice of a bar aircraft tractor pushing aircraft; training equipment put into use, so that the training effect is realistic, greatly improved the training. The level and efficiency of training.


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