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Career planning

Guangtai creates a good environment for career development through the four career development channels of technology, management, marketing and production, as well as the effective evaluation of qualifications, encouraging employees to learn at work and work in learning, and encouraging employees to learn by themselves through the establishment of a complete personnel training mechanism and learning path planning. Continuously improve their comprehensive quality and business level, truly realize the common development of employees and enterprises; through the establishment of talent mining, reserve and retention mechanism, to create a echelon of talent companies.

Talent Strategy

Weihai Guang Tai always adheres to "talent is the capital of enterprise development".

Practice the concept of "big talent", select highly responsible and innovative thinking people, strive to create a global vision of the elite team, fully support the implementation of the company strategy.

Starting from the strategic planning of the group, we should perfect the mechanism of selecting, using, educating and retaining talents, and combine external introduction with internal training. Selection of high-end talents in line with the company's corporate culture, to Guangtai platform, culture and treatment to attract and retain; Internal to achieve sustainable human development as the goal, speed up the building of professional capacity of talent, promote the implementation of multi-level, diversified vocational education and training, not only to meet the balance of supply and demand in the number of talent, more talent Growth and development platform, and common development with the vast number of employees.


Employee career development channel

①  Management channel [promotion according to duty]

Staff member→Executive director→Chief of the Department→Minister→Chief inspector→Vice General Manager→General manager

②  Professional channel [promotion by title]

Technology channel: divided into 8 levels, 16, etc.

Marketing Channel: divided into 5 levels, 12, etc.

Mechanic passageway is divided into 5 levels, and technicians include senior technicians.

③  Channel conversion

The channels can be promoted in rank.

Technology channel can be transformed into marketing, management and technician channels.

The technical channel can be transformed into marketing and management channels.

Marketing channels can be transformed into management channels.


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